Learn why Email marketing is essential in Internet Marketing plan

Email marketing is more important than any other digital marketing strategy. It is a powerful tool that all companies can use, whether they are business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C). Email marketing can help you achieve your goals, whether you want to increase repeat sales, reduce churn rates or generate leads.


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Here are the top reasons email marketing is so important and should be included in your marketing plan.


  1. Everyone can use it

  2. It covers the entire buying process

  3. Unmatched Return on Investment

  4. Low entry cost

  5. Personalized experiences

  6. It allows you to measure your performance easily

  7. Drives constant engagement


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  1. Everyone can use it.


What are the steps to creating a Facebook profile? Or do your banking online? An email address.

Half of the world's population uses email. There are more than 3.8 million active email accounts worldwide.


This is more than all social media users around the world.

Facebook, the largest social media network globally, has 2.3 Billion monthly active users


People check their inboxes and use email regularly. These are just a few of the findings.


  • The average time you spend per week reading email is between 10-60 minutes

  • 61% of people look forward to weekly promotional emails

  • 59% of respondents believe email influences their purchasing decisions

  • 58% of adults check email first thing in the morning.


It's easy for people to understand why email marketing is so valuable.

It's smart to include email marketing into your marketing plan.


  1. It covers the entire buying process.


Why email marketing?


Email can be used to reach users at all stages of the buying process. Your business can use email to inform and nurture customers, regardless of whether they are in the awareness, consideration, or purchase stages.



Email can also play a proactive role in nurturing customers and business buyers.


Let's say, for example, that someone downloads an eBook about roofing materials. It includes their pros and cons as well as their costs.


Using this download, you can predict additional user questions, concerns, or needs. Follow-up emails can address questions like:


  • What are my options when choosing a roof for my house?

  • What is the average time it takes to install a roof?

  • What are roofing warranties?

  • What are the basics of choosing a roofing company to work with?

  • More


These follow-up emails can help you guide your readers through the entire funnel. For example, your email content on choosing a roofing company can help someone feel confident about hiring them.


Pay-per-click advertising (PPC), however, has this advantage. They rely on users being ready to meet them, such as when someone searches for roofing contractors in their area.


  1. Unmatched Return on Investment


When email marketing is mentioned as a return on investment (ROI), companies quickly notice its value.


Businesses will experience an average 44:1 return. This is $44 per $1 of investment. Email marketing is known for its high ROI.


Cost Read the fourth reason why email marketing is so important, and you'll see that it's extremely cost-effective. Email marketing can be done by businesses without the need for subscription lists, tools, or even a template.


Scalability Email can also be scaled quickly. One email can be created and sent to thousands of people. You can even segment users to create lists that are tailored to specific actions. For example, you could download a guide on steel roofs and one about tile roofs.


Automation: Businesses also have the option of automating their email marketing campaigns without spending a lot of time. Your company could create an automated drip campaign to nurture leads by sending targeted audiences emails.

You will need to learn how to maximize the ROI and value of email marketing. These resources will help you to get started. They cover the basics of email marketing and share useful tips and tricks.





  1. Low entry cost

Email marketing is also important because of its cost.

Companies can use email marketing for as low as $9 per Month. Some businesses will even invest more in email marketing. Some companies spend as much as $1000 per Month on improving and managing their email marketing strategy.

Email marketing's flexible pricing makes it easier for decision-makers at companies to invest.


Email marketing is also less risky than other strategies like an advertising campaign that could run several thousand dollars per year.

Remember that investing in your email strategy can lead to better results for your business.

An email management software allows you to create segments, send emails, and measure the results. However, most tools require a monthly subscription rather than a one-time fee.

  1. Personalized experiences

Personalization is an important tool in digital marketing. It's also another reason why email marketing is so important. Personalization in email marketing is primarily about addressing users by their first names, but you can do more.



For example, you can:


You can create customized journeys that are based on the subscriber's needs, pain points, or interests.


  • Make personalized recommendations for products and services that are related.

  • Integrate subscriber information into content such as their location

  • Send frequency and tailor send times

  • More


These findings show that subscribers also respond well when personalization is offered.


  • Personalization of emails results in an average increase of 8% in open rates

  • Personalization of an email result in a 14% increase in click-through rates (CTR).

  • Personalization of emails leads to a 10% increase in conversions.


Personalization is a digital marketing tactic that you should use.

Consider personalizing your next email to make it more memorable and personalized for your subscribers.


  1. It allows you to measure your performance easily.


You need to show the value of email marketing and other online marketing strategies. Because data provides an objective assessment of your campaigns' performance, it is one of the most effective ways to prove a tactic works.



Here are some metrics that will help you measure the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns:


  • Rates open

  • CTR

  • Conversion rates

  • Unsubscribe rates

  • Rates of bounce

  • Spam complaints


This data can be accessed easily with email management software. Email management software is a popular choice for businesses because it allows them to automatically measure and track their email marketing performance.


It's possible to link your email marketing performance with other strategies, which is the best part. Google Analytics allows you to see which websites have been referred by email.

Many email management tools allow you to customize the links in your emails so that you can track which campaigns brought traffic to your site.

  1. Drives constant engagement


Do you want to notify subscribers about your latest sale? What about your latest stock? The Oder, how about that new how-to video?


Email marketing can be used to do everything.


Email is a direct way to connect with your audience.


Although you will still need to compete for attention in your inbox, providing value through your newsletters can help make this problem virtually non-existent. These are some tips to help you drive email engagement.


  • To give subscribers an alternative way to engage, add a video to your email messages

  • To find out which elements (emoji’s) drive the most opens, run A/B testing on subject lines

  • To gather feedback, host polls on products' newest colours or giveaways


However, the best way to increase email engagement is by providing value.

Learn about your subscribers and send them your emails. To learn more about your subscribers and what they want to learn, you can use social media and your sales reps.





Email marketing is a key component of your business.


Why should you use email marketing? 82% use email marketing. They do so because it drives tangible, quantifiable results. Email marketing is an effective channel for businesses to generate revenue.


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